Bern, Switzerland 

Vectronic is a techno / tech house / minimal alias from producer and engineer Slade Templeton (of Defunct!, Primal Instinct, And Crying Vessel), Slade has collaborated and remixed many songs for/with SPC ECO (Dean Garcia from Sinead O conner, Curve, Mick Jagger, The Eurythmics) as Vectronic. He is a accredited engineer at the Multi-Platinum selling studio, Influx Studios in Bern Switzerland/Berlin, Germany. 

Vectronic's discography is extensive to say the least. His 7 or 8 EP releases, 10+ remixes and Vinyl Releases on SPC ECO "art of Pop" on Saint Marie Records speak for themselves. He has sold out releases on vinyl and countless sold out online releases. Vectronic has been supported by the Cocteau Twins, and continuously by so many high profile artists and musicians throughout the music industry. At only 28 years old Vectronic has secured his place as staple in the recording industry yielding a high demand for his services as an engineer and a producer. Slade Templeton developed the name Vectronic as an alias while producing the project 'Lady Barcelona'.

We are proud to welcome Vectronic to MMM Records with the collaboration track- 

Vectronic & Seth Krafft - Using Machines

This collaboration was long overdue as Seth and Slade have been friends for nearly six years now and have worked on may songs together only behind the scenes.