San Francisco, USA

Music.. its only about music.. that is all.. I'm not a child who grew up throwing down vinyl and became a prodigy. I just love music, I have always loved music. All kinds. Growing up, I listened to so many different things, bands like Zeppelin and Floyd were my choice mostly. At a lost, broke, friendless point in my life, my older brother took me to a rave is San Francisco which blew my mind apart.. eventually I moved to SF and during my first year there I went to Burning Man.. While there I met a friend, Dmitry Purple. Being introduced to him and his deep progressive changed me forever.. I had found my music.. It has been a never ending search and effort to find the most beautiful deep music from all over the world so I can share it with you. That's all I want to do.. Share music.. I love music and I love people who FEEL music.. Listen to the sound of LOVE.