London, England

"Sublime electronic pop in the spirit of Suicide, Cabaret Voltaire and more, but with a fresh paranoid vision that deserves your attention!" - Brendon Moeller, Beat Pharmacy.

Celebrated by Brendon Moeller, Beat Pharmacy supremo, and described in its former incarnation as Softworld as "Concept, atmosphere, passion," by the late, great Marty Thau, discoverer and producer of Suicide, Plasticon is an electronic music venture aiming squarely at minimal synth, ‘retronica' & classic new wave. 

Lifting our name from "Memo From Turner", out of Roeg's skewed cinematic Sixties euology 'Performance', Plasticon's debut EP “Save The Future For Today” on UK label Palm Zone Music, comprises five tracks traversing electropunk, transportative synthwave, surgical cutup, and radical reinventions of the Suicide classic "Dream Baby Dream" and "Rock On" by David Essex. "Save The Future For Today" is a challenging glimpse into the heart, mind and spirit of this moment.

The future-finding platforms of Plasticon invoke a perfect electro-storm combining the distinctive voice of Jeremy Gluck, not only in his lyrics, but in his distinguishing vocal & sound-collage work, and the maverick electronic music and production of mastering Grammy nominee and electronic composer Don Tyler, which integrates elements of classic Berlin School electronics and minimal synthwave.

Working together remotely for over four years from London and L.A., Plasticon are now exploring new ambient, minimal territory that further meshes mysticism and metaphysics with more direct but also deceptively enigmatic music. We're also excited to be working with Seth Krafft; it's our first collaboration and a new departure in terms of sharing what we are and do.

Deconstructing all in its path, from Kraftwerk to Kubrick, Plasticon’s retro & minimal, late 70s/early 80s post-future deconstructionist twist rolls up sci-fi, punk and magic into a binary mantra, saving the future for today.